Pastor Dave Stertzbach, Director

Organ, Piano,
Voice, and Choirs

B.Mus., M.Mus., Bob Jones University

Christi Elie, Program Director

Strings and Orchestras
Early Childhood Music Education Instructor

B.A., Northland International University

Rebecca Stertzbach, Administrative Assistant

Voice and Choirs

B.S., Bob Jones University

Michael Bryson

Voice and Piano

B A., California State University

M.M., Bob Jones University

D.M.A., University of Houston

Shannon Doney


B.A., Bob Jones University

M.A., Pensacola Christian College

Eunice Elie

Strings, Piano, and Orchestras
Early Childhood Music Education Instructor

B.A., Spring Arbor College

M.A., University of Wisconsin

John Giger


B.A., M.C., University of the Pacific's
Conservatory of Music

Karen Kuehmann


Joe Pluth

Brass, Woodwinds, Percussion, Voice

B.A., Northland International University

M.Mus., VanderCook College of Music

Kara Routley


L.B.C.M., British Columbia Conservatory of Music

A.R.C.T., Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto

B.Mus., University of Victoria

M.M., Arizona State University

Theresa Trogen


B.S., Bob Jones University

Susan Yuen

Woodwinds and Piano

B.S., Maranatha Baptist University

M.A., Arizona State University


The Chandler School of Fine Arts seeks to hire qualified, experienced professionals with a passion for teaching. Our instructors maintain a cooperative spirit among their peers that results in idea sharing, professional development, and personal encouragement.

Realizing that it is important for the student and teacher to have a close working relationship, parents and students have teacher options as they are available. Parents and students may request a specific teacher by noting it on their registration form or discussing it privately with the Program Director. Questions or issues can almost always be resolved by simply talking with the Program Director. In the extremely rare occasion that further mediation is required, the Director will decide what is best for the student and what is best for the school. However, realizing that each teacher develops an individual education plan for each student, (most of which the student is unaware and that is why he or she is the student), "teacher hopping" will be strongly discouraged.

The Chandler School of Fine Arts also seeks to train young teachers. Under the supervision and tutelage of an experienced master teacher, young teachers can develop their skills working with real students in a real teaching environment.