Why take private music lessons through Chandler School of Fine Arts?

  1. Integration: Do you think an early level piano student is incapable of accompanying a voice or a violin student in a public performance? Think again, because that's exactly what happens when the Chandler School of Fine Arts faculty instructors collaborate to create the fullest, most well-rounded music education possible! Together our music instructors offer more than 300 years of professional experience in artistic performance and specialized education at all levels. Every CFA student benefits from this wide range of cross-department knowledge sharing and mutual respect and caring. Such integration allows for highly specialized educational opportunities. Piano students, for example, are able to be specially trained to accompany vocal and/or instrumental students; and voice students are able to get the piano training that is so necessary to achieving their full potential as musicians.
  2. Recitals: CFA is committed to giving every student a well-rounded musical education, and therefore requires participation in at least one recital every semester. Because we believe that solo recitals are a critical element to the musical growth of our private students, CFA students participate at no additional charge.
  3. Public Performances: In addition to solo recitals, CFA creates special and often unique opportunities for our students to collaboratively perform in various public venues each year.
  4. Accompaniment Coupons: To encourage participation in Chandler School of Fine Arts performances each year, each student registered for the full semester is granted two rehearsal coupons per semester. Each coupon is redeemable for one accompanying service, up to 30 minutes, from any accompanist on the CFA list.
  5. Special Discounts: CFA private lesson students receive special rates for music and theory classes, workshops and master classes, concerts and many opportunities to be inspired by great, professional musicians at incredibly low rates.